For ten-year-old Melker Högström summer is a busy time – he needs to keep up with both football practice and his dream sport of golf. When we met Melker at the beginning of the summer, despite his young age, he was an assistant instructor for the golf school at Luleå Golf Club.

“I’ve been playing since I was six. My mother, father, grandmother and grandfather all play golf but I actually came up with the idea myself to start playing".

But how much do you train as a ten-year-old?

“I practice with the juniors twice a week at the practice area. Then, I play as much as I can.”

Grandfather Janne Dannberg adds:

“As long as Melker thinks it’s fun he can play and practice as much as he wants. I have to admit, it’s a bit tough since he beats me, even though I have been playing golf since 1970.”

When asked what is most fun about playing golf, Melker is quick to answer.

“The competition. And the most fun with competing is that you can win. And if I don’t win, I get sad. But it quickly passes.”

In both 2014 and 2015 Melker won the Kids Classic competition. The tournament is open to kids up to thirteen years old, and all play on equal terms regardless of handicap.

" Of course it was fun to win. And especially against those that are several years older than I am.”

But a perhaps even bigger success is that Melker has been selected for the development team to provide the conditions for the future of professional golfers.

Text: Fredrik Palmqvist
Photo: Patrik Öhman