In Luleå new restaurants are popping up in the center adding to the simmering metropolitan feel. The range of restaurants continues to grow with new chefs and exciting concepts.

Tapas de Papas' Simon Wanler together with coworkers
Close-up image of food on a plate
Front fasade of the restaurant Tapas de Papa

In 2015 several new restaurants opened in the town center. Luleå residents have become more inclined to indulge in good food and drink every day of the week. One of these new restaurants is Tapas de Papá, where Simon Wanler is one of the partners. Tapas de Papá is a traditional Spanish tapas restaurant, where the guests choose pinchos and tapas and pay at the end of the evening.

“We have been to Spain a lot recently and really got stuck on the tapas concept. It’s a nice way to eat, it’s social and guests don’t need to wait, they get food on the plate almost immediately when they come to the restaurant,” says Simon.

Simon had been thinking about opening a restaurant for a long time. Now all the pieces have fallen into place and it feels like the right location.

“The location on Köpmangatan 18 is perfect for our business. I have wanted to work with our chef and restaurant manager for quite a while, and now it’s happening. Tapas also feels like a good fit for Luleå.”

Simon thinks that the restaurant scene in Luleå has been completely fantastic in recent years.

“Restaurants like CG and Hemmagastronomi has been at the forefront and raised the level of dining options in Luleå. I think it has helped that Luleå residents’ interest in food has increased and more people are going out to eat more often. It’s a lot of fun.”

Tapas de Papá will also offer a la carte dishes, meat platters with Spanish cheeses and ham, as well as genuine beverage options – Spanish wines, cava, beer and sangria.

“Prices will be humane. We want people be able to try a lot without it hurting their wallet too much.

Text: Amanda Karlsson
Photo: Per Pettersson