A new digital industry is growing in Luleå.
A new digital industry is growing in Luleå.

Luleå, with nearly 76,000 residents, is the heart of northern Sweden and the county town of Norrbotten. Including the neighbouring municipalities of Piteå, Boden, Älvsbyn, Kalix and Övertorneå, the Luleå region has 173,000 residents. This is one of Sweden's greatest population densities north of Uppsala within commuting distance of a regional centre.

Important marketplace

Even in medieval times, Luleå was one of the most important marketplaces in Sweden. Luleå is a growth region where old and emerging sectors grow side-by-side. With degree and study programmes as well as world-class research, Luleå University of Technology is an important driver of this development.

When are you moving to Luleå?

If you are interested in setting up business in Luleå or would like more information, we suggest that you contact Luleå Business Agency. This is a development company that is owned by the municipality and the local business community. If you're looking for office space or assistance, contact Luleå Science Park.