Currently, Luleå's sister cities are Tromsø, Kemi, Murmansk, Zenica, Puerto Cabezas and Xian. Friendship agreements are a good way to exchange knowledge and experience and to collaborate on various issues. Luleå also has international collaboration with, among others, Oulu and Austin.

Unique collaboration

Luleå is the first Swedish city, and one of few cities in the world, to have signed a collaboration agreement with Austin. With 120 new residents moving in each day, Austin is the fastest-growing city in the USA. The University of Texas, Austin, ranks 45th among the world's top universities. There are many wealthy people in Austin, many of whom are interested in collaborating with, and invested in, Swedish companies. Statistics show that, if you want to reach the US market, Austin is a good place to start, since it has more companies represented on the world market than any other American city.

Austin choose Luleå

The reason Austin chose to partner with Luleå is the high level of collaboration between the Municipality of Luleå, private and public-sector bodies and the university. This same triple-helix effect was a deciding factor when Facebook chose to locate its first data centre outside of the USA in Luleå. That Facebook chose Luleå has also influenced Austin's decision.