Luleå has become the first city in Sweden and one of the few in the world to signed a cooperation agreement with Austin.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear more voices about the cooperation between Luleå and Austin? This is a film from Luleås’ office opening ceremony on WeWork in Austin.
The Mayor of Austin, Steve Adler, is sharing his thoughts about the cooperation with Luleå.

It is the fastest growing city in the United States and it moves daily in around 120 people. The University of Texas in Austin is the worlds 45th best university.

There are many affluent people in Austin who are interested in a partnership and investment in Swedish companies. If you want to reach out to the US market
statistics show that it is good to start in Austin, that gets the most companies on the world market of all American cities.

The reason that Austin choose Luleå as a partner is Luleås collaboration between the public and private sectors and the university. The aim of cooperation
is to generate meetings, shops and collaborations between companies in Luleå and Austin.

Chek out the video that was made during the musicians created music togehter. You will find the link to YouTube at bottom of this page.

Ice Music and House of Songs

The first concrete cooperation between the cities have already been implemented through music. Musicians from Austin arrived to Luleå for one week to compose a concert
with brand new songs together with Luleå musicians. The result was a truly unique concert in a ice concert hall where the musicians played on instruments made of ice.

Austin musicians consisted of Bob Dylan's guitarist Charlie Sexton, musician Lindsey Verril, sing / songwriter Phoebe Hunt and Michael Blair, among other things played with Lou Reed,
Elvis Costello and Tom Waits. From Luleå participated Olle Nyman and Rebecka Digervall from The Magnettes.

Luleå Jukebox

The jukebox was originally developed by Snow Garden AB  to demonstrate the unique musical collaboration between the continents but also musicians from Lulea at The South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas in March 2015. After the festival there is a big interest for the Jukebox so now it is being made available to every one.

In the Jukebox you can see and listen to music from world's unique Ice Music in Luleå, music collaboration between Luleå and Austin musicians who played on isinstrument in the igloo but also musicians from Luleå in collaboration with BD Pop.

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Luleå Jukebox

YouTube - Luleå loves Austin